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The 89 Homes in Raintree are located on the Broadneck Pennisula between the Severn and Magothy Rivers in Arnold, Maryland. This website serves as the primary source of community information for current and prospective residents. Suggestions are welcome!


The Social Committee has planned two events: a Tailgate party will be held at the end of September; a Pizza party is scheduled for the end of October...........Our next meeting will be held on Nov.13th at 7:00


A NO SOLICITING sign will be installed at our entrance. A sign on your door will echo the message. To report aggressive activity call 410-222-8610.


Those who enter the natural wooded section or the stormwater areas of the Recreation Area do so at your own risk.........................You can prevent theft from your vehicles by removing all valuables and locking the doors.

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R.T. Community Association, Inc.(Raintree) and its Board of Directors (the Board) has no control over and accepts no liability in respect of statements made on Facebook or of the materials, products or services available on Facebook. Three residents are responsible for this Facebook page....... Questions, concerns, comments, and complaints pertaining to the affairs of the community, and the HOA, as well as the rules and regulations, should be directed to the Board by e-mail, USPS, or in person. R.T. Community Association, Inc. and its Board of Directors will not respond on Facebook.

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